Quick questions about AOG interface

Starting to build this rig,

But some quick questions about this program, partially due to not recognizing the buttons, or getting to use it in the field. Also in the same token if these do not exist I know what i will have to start work on.

  1. How does one go about starting a A+ line, just enter the compass heading and you are off?
    By far my favourite guidance setting of all time.

2.Does this program currently keep track of swath direction, so if I swath then reload the field in the combine it will show green swath as eating it the right way, and red as going backwards? This one feature would have guys dropping there Pro 700’s in the slough for sure.

3.What is the average size of the field files? or swath or coverage information? Asking this because I really want to get this program to talk between two or more combines and update one map. Anyone have any existing example files I could see to look at the raw data?

  1. Were do I read the current pass/swath number on the screen?

Really hoping this program has A+

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Yes a+ is done by entering heading degree. Can edit line anytime. save line. switch between multiple lines with the touch of a button. make lines by touching points on boundary.

Does not keep track of swath direction but that would be a neat feature

Currant pass shows on one of the buttons on right side of screen and on ab line.

This program has just about everything that I wished trimble had when I used trimble.

Would be nice if swath coverage would share between two combines. I haven’t needed that yet but I do share everything through google drive so sprayer makes boundary, then we use boundary in tractor for seeding. Thats where the touch lines are nice as you can make a b line that matches the last pass on farthest side of field.


Thank you so much for the data, these files are surprisingly small. It will take a bit before I get a handle on how its interpreting it. but at least I can work on it while it is cold outside.

I was worried if the data was too huge it could not be done, but this looks like in the one or two MB at most.

10HZ RTK auto steer for less than the Trimble unlock, and it has all the features I need plus more if I am willing to write them. I am starting to like this more and more.

This is very good, cannot wait to start using AOG for real.

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Before You used trimble with autopilot or ez-steer ? And now ?

I work for two other farmers. Trimble, Trimble and more Trimble. Except for one tractor has Deere, and one combine Topcon. Probably pretty representative of current market share in guidance.

Both are very interested in AOG but currently its hard to find people who have it working in there machine.

Then my personal tractor is as well Trimble running off an Emlid. I am building AOG currently to switch, the ability to create code within it and repair it are big reasons. Also I think its a smart move to keep your crop data secure.

The data @wwfarm sent me pretty much is as convincing as it gets. AOG steers very well.


trimble 750 with ez-steer.

2021 will be my fourth year in using aog

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