Rainy day, trying to update board and can't get autosteer to work

So I finally got around to installing a fresh autosteer board from the Support FIles PCB file. It seems to work fine for WAS, DOGS, foot switch, etc. But it absolutely refuses to run the steering motor. I’m using the Cytron 13A controller, and if I hit the manual A/B switches on it, it runs the motor fine. I check continuity between D3/D4/GND to the cable and through the board, seems good. I didn’t change anything in the sketch (Autosteer_USB_4.3.10) pinwise, though I also did not change the PWM mode off of 0 (490hz) or the WAS center, but I don’t figure those would interfere.

I had an extra controller as well as my original 30A, none work and I know the 30A one works fine with my old perfboard setup.

I’ve cranked max PWM and base PWM right to the tops in the config, just won’t seem to do anything. I’m doing this all at 3-5mph just in case even the config Drive needs a min speed to engage.

I checked voltage on DIR and PWM1 and see nothing when I set AOG to Drive, even with Max PWM set to 255.

Edit: uploaded a quick sketch to test arduino and board using pwm on D3 and dir on D4, works fine. so its somethong in AOG settings or something im doing wrong there.

So, I tested the WAS and it was reading 1.692 at center. I adjusted the WAS_Zero to 2152 (3320-1041-127) and tried again. If I turn left, the motor corrects me to center. If I turn right, it does nothing. If I watch the PWM output at the bottom of the Steer config box, it only responds to +ve PWM requests, if I push left. I can go as far right as I want and while the bottom of the box shows -ve PWM requests, nothing happens.

I reran my test sketch, motor still works fine with +ve and -ve PWM values.

Forget it, at some point in my dinking around I set the motor driver to IBT2 for whatever reason. Changing it back of course fixed that.