RAM MOUNT partner - navisklep.pl

Hello, I would like to inform you that navisklep.pl will soon include the entire offer of tablet mounts and balls of various sizes in its offer in the online store.
Below are examples of mountings

Please visit navisklep.pl - a complete range of products for your AgOpenGPS navigation :wink:

mocowanie z kulami standard
mocowanie z obejmą

Same Parts are on Ali with price 1/10 of ram

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I know this very well, and I still have customers for the original RAM. However, some people prefer to pay more for a proven brand :stuck_out_tongue: Chinese products will also appear in the store in spring. We want to meet as many expectations as possible, and RAM Mount was one of them :smiley:

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Pieces I use all the time. very high quality parts. I advise.

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I believe that the balls, even for the FZ-G1, should be 1.5 inches :smiley:


Yes, always use Ram mount C (1.5") balls .

Genuine are expensive but really good quality.


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