Random GPS connection loss

While using AOG, sometimes it loses GPS connection in a seemingly random manner, but it instantly reconnects after I close and then reopen AgIO. How can I find out what causes this problem?

I use AOG on a tablet with a GNSS receiver + antenna (and another one as base for RTK corrections). The receiver is connected to the hotspot provided by the tablet. The receiver outputs its position to the network through TCP and I use STRSVR from RTKLIB on the tablet to receive the data and then output it through UDP for AgIO to use.
For example the connection loss can happen like three times a minute or no loss at all for an hour.
The receiver works fine with a different software, so it must be something else.

Thank you!

Do you have the power saving settings in windows turned off?

I also use STRSVR as described for easy bench testing but connect the GPS via bluetooth then output as UDP. Have not had disconnections so this should be possible.

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Yes, I have them off, altough it’s possible that I may have missed some obscure settings.