Randomly veers off line

Mowing this afternoon with front and rear mowers,got it set up and sort of working and going down a cut it will randomly swerve off the line

Running rtk off my own base and it doesnt loose rtk

Try to ramp up the min settings for the motor, and lower the gain.
I use:
min 60
gain 40

Helped with holding the line and it was more aggressive.

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If you see that bottom pointing arrow and your tractor is not going backwards in reality try clicking on the tractor so it resets its direction and starts to go forward.

Also it would be nice to share some of the settings of yours. Like the motor / PP settings.

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id turned round to cut the skip out and thought id take a photo first so had reversed a bit :+1: :+1:

no real issues when on the line ,just that the system fires up the motor and it pulls it 2 meter off line by the time i grab the wheel

Looks a bit like an imu spontaneously resetting itself or having a magnetic glitch. I haven’t had an issue with the bno085, but earlier revisions would just about put the poor tractor into a barrel roll! Basically the heading fusion goes crazy for a moment.

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Now you said that it does seem confused sometimes in corners

Is there a page or screen in agopen i can bring up to see what the bno085 compass is doing

The imu vs gps is up the top left of the screen. There’s a heading chart under the utilities menu that would show up any weird jumps.

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The magnetometer is not used, but 0 degree is at same direction at startup, so when you move tractor 0 degree will be in another direction at next startup.
Maybe the problem happen when system shift between reading 0 degree and 359 degrees? And beeing on the AB line at the same time

These 3 sets of nunbers are the
heading required
Gps heading and imu heading??

Possibly,but wouldnt a few people have this issue if that was the case

yeah, don’t worry about the difference between the gps and the imu as they won’t be the same but should remain different by a constant amount. What you would be looking for is the imu number jumping suddenly when the gps one doesn’t. If you’re running Panda sentences it’s meant to be getting fused on the Teensy. Do you have a BNO085 with Teensy setup or an older board with IMU either separate or on the steer board separate to gps?

This is all assuming that it is steering off randomly because it has decided it suddenly isn’t on the line and needs a significant correction to get back to it. This suggests a position/heading error.

On the other hand it may be an intermittent steer failure. I once cooked a nano on a V2 board and it responded by gently steering one way. Of course I was looking over my shoulder and didn’t notice straight away and 3 years later the annoyingly non-straight line is visible any time I get the tractor out of the shed! The diagnosis was an intermittent short cooked the usb chip on the nano and froze it up.

panda with teensy i think

its always pretty darm close on the line then i hear the steer motor go full speed and it takes off 1 way
naturally by the time i react i’ve got a biggish skip

Try to disable the reverse detection.