Rate Controller

I’m sure this is straightforward but I’m really struggling with navigating the site.

I’ve got AgOpen installed on my tractor and have it successfully steering itself. Now I’d like to hook up my sprayer. 12m Hardi PTO sprayer. One flowmeter and one solenoid.

Where do I need to read or watch to get up and going? I have a box of random arduino modules including a nano. I see theres circuit board sketches in the zip file.

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  1. Pick a pcb. RC12 is the least expensive.https://github.com/SK21/AOG_RC/tree/master/Modules/Nano/RC12_PCB It needs the RelayDriver5 pcb to control relays.https://github.com/SK21/AOG_RC/tree/master/Modules/RelayDriver5

  2. Install the nano firmware. https://github.com/SK21/AOG_RC/tree/master/Modules/Nano/RCnano

  3. Install the rate app. Release Module status pgn. · SK21/AOG_RC · GitHub


Thank you very much for the advice. I’m underway :slight_smile:

Side question. I’ve got a microtrak rate controller. Am I able to plumb it up so that AgOpen sends it a speed signal? Preferably through the Hall effect sensor plug.

I already have to teach my 70year old father how to set an AB line. It would be kind of me if I can try to let him keep the microtrak while he learns.

Some autosteer pcbs send a speed pulse.

THANKS. Quick to implement as a solution! however one question.

is it possible to have the fan speed on the module as well as the flow control on a nano? or do you need one nano per module? id?

The nano can do two sensors. 1 rate, 1 fan or 2 rate or 2 fan. It only has 2 interrupts so that is that is the maximum it can do. If two sensors are used the nano must be mounted on the pcb first and then the ethernet shield on top. The D2 pin of the ethernet shield must be cut off because it interferes with the signal.