Raven Steering Valve Question

I am installing a system on a Case IH Titan 4030 Spreader. This spreader is currently equipped with a Raven control system. It is having issues and to replace it with a new Raven system is expensive. I am planning to use AOG and the Rate Controller to run this unit. I was looking at the Raven steering valve tonight and it has the normal proportional solenoids for left and right steer control and it also has two “Double Block” solenoids on the valve body.

When steering do I need to energize both “Double Block” solenoids at the same time or one for left and one for right.

This is all I can find on the valve and system.

Looks like they are enabler valves so yes power both with 12v when autosteer is active so oil can flow true it.

Thank you for the feedback. That is the route I will take to test it out.