Raw Hz suddenly dropping

As above, operating a dual system on v2.5 PCB with esp32 and dual f9p stack. V5.7.2
Randomly my raw Hz has started occasionally dropping out from 10 + Hz at times to less than 1, obviously a big problem.
Has anyone seen this before and know what I should be looking for?
Have been using this system for the last 3 years without any problems, so a bit odd. Have recently switched from RTK2go to Centipede.

When Hz drops are you using contour or boundary line?

Just standard AB, the whole system just about freezes when it occurs, AGIO has a very large number coming out of the gps when this happens.

It could be for the USB or anything else…with the information we have it’s all assumptions

Would a NMEA log help?

First know a little about your system, AOG version, connections, …, each tractor it’s a different world

V5.7.2 running the mtz stack with esp32 and dual f9p. Running over serial. Have a powered USB hub with the gps and v2.5 pcb plugged into it.
I am now wondering whether it is a USB hub or cable issue as you stated.

USB is a headache, I tell you from experience, since I used UDP I haven’t had more problems, I asked you about the line, because there is a problem with the boundary line, and we are trying to solve.

Especially the usb hubs are the worst

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