Recorded path / change driving direction

I did not know in which category to put this topic, sorry for that.
I’m an apple grower from germany and i want to equip an tractor with AOG.
So in crops like apples/pears/vines etc you can not really work with AB lines since not all rows are exacly the same (sometimes maybe 3.2m row spacing, then 3.8m row spacing). So the best way is to use recorded paths.
Is there a way to change the driving direction of the recorded path?

And one more question, is there a way to see the recorded paths, that are near to my position?

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inb new version you can swap AB way so probably interesting to you

for second question i dont think so

Thanks for your answer.
I just read in another thread in a message of @KentStuff that reverse recorded path will be included in next release. Does someone know when this will be?

It is in the middle of pre release testing. Should be soon.

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are all your rows of trees parallel?
if so just use the nudge when you start each run

Unfortunately not. Some older tree rows start with 3.5m and end with 3.7m. They are running towards each other. Then the nudge will unfortunately not work, i guess.

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You can also set multiple curve or ablines and just cycle through them. If you named them in order it work just be a matter of cycling to the next line.