Recorded path line nudge

as above really,
I do a lot of hedge trimming on lanes and tracks where I cant create a boundary,
would be good if I could get the nudge screen up to bump the line.
also drive back down the recorded path?

apologies if these features are available and I’m too thick to find them

I haven´t checked if it work on recorded path, but for AB lines it must be this feature:
(in bottom of screen the A-B and -200 icon)

yeah that doesn’t appear on recorded path :+1:

But it does work with recorded curve.

yeah i use that on boundary contour, i need to go out and check but nothing comes up on recorded path

defiantly on 5.7.3
i will upgrade it to 5.8.3 in a bit

thank you @Larsvest
I thought you had to create a boundary to use AB curve but seems in version 5.8.3 you don’t :+1: :+1:

Brian just added recorded path reverse to the development version. Not nudge. But as has been stated, curve will do very similar functions. If testing goes well it will be in the next release.


seems i can use curveAB to do what i want :+1:
i just thought i had to have a boundary set up first :+1: