Recorded Path

Very easy to use, a simple tutorial.

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Thanks for the video. Will it be possible to include a reverse gear soon?

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I think that would only be of use if your tractor was completely controlled by aog.

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Hi Brian, how should I go about stopping the motor when my robot goes off the registered path?

Which motor? Your robot engine or steering motor? If using the cytron config then PWM2 is 5V when autosteer is on and 0V when off. When using IBT2 config then DIR does the same thing. (I think)

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I talked about my autonomous robot, a relay for example to stop my wheel motor if it goes out of the way as long as I don’t face a wall.

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We can add it to the micro. What kind of distance away from line it too far?

Dear Kentstuff, I’m currently using micro, I’m in simulation mode, I’m going to test it in the field soon, for example I plan to stop the wheel motors when it goes off the recorded path and the rtk signal is lost. 15-20 cm from the line. as. Is the system in the photo related to this?


Yes, we can add the error check to micro. It will be a setting to check or no check with a distance, 10 to 500 cm.

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So let’s say RTK disappeared and the vehicle stopped, can the vehicle continue to move when RTK comes back?

Yes. It will make several checks, if any are false, kill section 8. Once it gets rtk again and it is not off the line by _____. It will start.

So, we want:
Off Rec Path
Off ABline
Off Curve
Over Boundary.

Off ABline and Curve, only if autosteer is on.

All on a saved toggle.

Anything else?


If my requests will not tire you too much, it will be useful for me, thank you very much.

All of that would be custom programming though - AOG doesn’t actually have any routines to control a piece of equipment like the former AgraBot did. That was actually quite complex to have AOG control the control system that interfaced with the mechanical systems of the tractor.

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