Reference Layers

One feature that I would love to see is both the import and export of already applied data in the background of the field.

My immediate use case is this: I would like to travel over tile lines buried beneath the surface of my fields to better level them. I have shp files that show where those tile lines are in the field, and I would like to have them displayed in the interface so I know where to drive. Although it would be awesome to auto-steer those lines, I’m looking at this point to just have a visual indicator as to where to drive. As an example see this image. Pleasant_Valley_View_Farms-_QGIS

Is there any work already done or thoughts as to how to proceed to adding that sort of feature?

I can also see being able to export “as applied” data from say spraying or planting as being very useful.

Thanks for your consideration.

Watch Brian’s video:

He gets mighty close to doing what you are talking about. This is not functional currently. But it does look doable.

Here are two pictures of a field that I imported from google earth and the lines that I drew in Doable for sure. I followed Brian’s video and used an older version of the software. June, I think.
Field%20Drawing Field%20Drawing2

Ya that VR part of the code has some potential. Dead simple since google earth can read shape files. I hope you can understand some of these features used in enterprise scale applications requires hundreds of thousands of coding hours, many skilled programmers, testing, research, and expensive libraries/knowledge i could never begin to do.

That said, dead simple to plop a png as a background, isn’t it? Easy to read the pixels and the colors you are driving over, control stuff, now with like the Draw ABlines that use the border, no reason not to just click and build AB Lines following that background. I better not let that code slip too far away, I think it has some real possibilities

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Yes, dead simple. 10 minutes to watch video, 10 minutes to read code to see what you were looking for (file name.) 10 minutes to build the sample. Real possibilities.

Who needs hundreds of people when we have a Brian Tee? Just kidding. But you really have done some great work. Thanks again.

Just wondering how hard is it to apply the same image in the ABTouch form?

This does have some real possibilities. If I get through our SD harvest season I will have to see if I can help with some code. Thanks for your reply and hard work. Oh, and I know that at least on of main stream commercial companies has no way to load a reference layer like I described in the display – you’re pushing the envelope here.