Refreshed BOM list AutoSteerPCB V2

I’ve created a new Bom List for version v4.3.10, because i felt like the list was not quiet up to Date.
(Only for the parts you are able to buy at Digikey.)
Parts.xlsx (10,6 KB)

The numbers in the picture fit to the order in the list.
I’ve only put in the amount of parts you really need, expect for some because for example ten resistors are cheaper than eight.
Also the aluminum box from the original Bom List is included, but its not needed.


Cannot find 1000µF capacitors 35PX1000MEFC10X20
I intend to replace it with a Panasonic ECA-1VHG102 or a Rubycon
35PK1000MEFC10X20 but I don’t know what the series correspond to

  • PK at Rubycon
  • NHG at Panasonic

Apparently it is the maximum temperatures or the lifespans that are lower.

Sorry for my bad English


On Mouser, I find ESH108M035AL3AA from Kemet


Which device are you using to mount the 12v 40a relay onto this board?

I ask because I think it should be a:


Relay Socket, Through Hole, Quick Connect, 5 Pins

And I’m damned if I can find one! Digikey are out of stock, as are the usual UK suppliers. Struggling to find them at a reasonable price on eBay and Amazon too.

Are you soldering the relay directly to the board? Would there be a problem doing exactly this?

The relay can be soldered directly onto the Pcb.
But you can also use a socket, but then this relay won’t fit.
Look up Brian’s Bom Manger, there you can find a relay and socket.

I know the part I need, it’s listed on the BOM, but I simply cannot find one available to buy for less than £35 with a long lead time.

I think digikey are now listing these as discontinued…?

Mouser look to be out of stock to, but more due in a few days.


Yeah, I was having real problems finding any with a decent lead time, but Farnells seem to have some in so I’ve ordered a bunch from there. Should arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh and by the way, for anyone considering soldering a relay directly to the board… don’t, just don’t.

Impatience made me try this and it’s just about impossible to get a solid connection!

I have the same problem.which solution did you choose to replace the 35PX1000MEFC10X20 ?
In France, this component is not available now on and there is not exactly the equivalent.
The original capacitor had 865mA @ 120Hz and1,038A @ 10kHz.
And the most similar (PK series) has 1,18A @ 120Hz and 1,416A @ 10kHz

Does anyone know if the PK series can replace the PX?

for french guys

but transport can be expensive !

i think your sugestion can be used this capacitor is to keep voltage regulation
it is not used for frequency or radio that request more precision

Thanks! :+1:t2:


The link for the updated BOM is not working. Could you repost it again?


But this is for v 4.3.10, why don’t you do it according to v5.

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The BOM in the support file for version 5.2 has MMA8452Q not Bno080 so I think t is an old version.

I did.

This one perfectly fit at a more than reasonable price: Adaptador de conector de relé SPDT para coche, Base de montaje de placa PCB con terminales de 6,3mm, 40A, 5 pines|Relés e interruptores de coche| - AliExpress