Release 5.6.9 UDP problem

Hello, today I switched to UDP and installed the new version of AGO. Worked right from the start, but now I have to press send every time I unplug the Arduino and restart it for the CMPS14 to work, the rest works the same way. Am I doing something wrong?

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Who is on your network? is the ESP32 xbee Wifi Ntrip Master on the F9P.

So the cmps14 is connected to your steer board

The steer board auto connects at every time, but the cmps14 does not connect with it unless rebooted?

Just trying to make sure I fully understand the question.

What happens if you reboot the IMU CMPS14 from the tractor settings menu in AOG instead?

Yes, exactly.

I have now tried it in AGO in the steering settings, where you set the arduino. If I press “send and save” there, it’s there too.