Remote and Steer Switches


I am trying to figure out what are the functions of remote and steer switches. They seem to do the same thing to me. I watched @Briantee_admin’s video explaining it but I am still confused, they seem redundant. The remote switch activates Autosteer remotely instead of selecting it on the touch screen, right? What does the Steer switch do? Do I have to have them to get the board working?
I finished assembling my board and everything seems to work fine in simulation mode without having these two switches connected so I want to make sure of that before hooking up everything in the tractor.

Thanks for the help.

Didn’t tested but should not.
Remote is for the steering encoder or pressure switch, to kill autosteer.
Steer is for the autosteer enable button/switch, this should activate Autosteer remotely!

So if I am using a motor with Cytron modification to prevent motor back feed for Auto steering, I do not need Remote. Steer is optional if I use the button on the touch screen. Is that correct?

You can turn auto steer on or off with the touchscreen. Or if you wire in a physical switch it will turn it on or off.

I am a big fan of having a physical switch as its direct to the Arduino in the NAV, no chance of windows playing dumb. Also does not require .ino changes if using the acs712 amp disengage at the same time.

The best part of AOG is almost every time you wonder “does it do this”, the answer is yes in a multiple different ways.