Replacement antenna

Am thinking of adding a 2nd antenna to another machine. Have currently got the standard f9p basic starter kit from ardusimple and works a treat, connect to rtk via hotspot on my phone.
Another antenna is quite pricey to buy by itself, has anyone got any other alternatives? There are quite a few on alliexpress alot cheaper but are they any good and compatible with the standard f9p?

Can you clarify what you mean? Are you asking about Dual GPS (a second GPS receiver on the same machine) or are you just asking about moving your F9P to another tractor?

Apologies. Single gps antenna.
Looking to put another antenna on a tractor as a more permanent install rather than moving the antenna each time i move the standard aio.

Was looking for cheaper options than g-blox patch antenna for second tractor but no luck :slight_smile: Similar specs antennas are similarly priced or more expensive :slight_smile: )

You mean u-blox, like the Ardusimple ANN-MB antenna at 53 Euros? I thought it was cheap enough to avoid spending the time to search for a cheaper one that has no 2 year warranty.


I don’t think you can beat the u-blox magnetic antenna for price.

Any active L1/L2 antenna with the same connector would probably work. I’ve been using Beitian BT-300 survey antennas quite a bit. They are about double the cost of the u-blox antenna, however. And some forum members are using helical antennas in their tractors. For example, something like this: GNSS Multi-Band L1/L2 Helical Antenna (SMA) BT-560 - GPS-17383 - SparkFun Electronics. The advantage of the survey and helical antennas are that they don’t need a metal surface to attach to.

Yes. Could not find a better deal :grinning: . Though need to note it’s +VAT + Shipping. So 70+ for private person.

To get that 53€ antenna with all shipping and taxes involved will cost 120€ hire, so ali is better alternative.

The product by itself isnt too bad but add in shipping and import tax it starts to get expensive

Brobably, yes. If you have no official ublox reseller in your country, it gets very expensive. Need to ask around if anybody has bought this one from Aliexpress. Personally, I do not buy anything expensive from there as data they are writing is not always true. Plus, delivery times are very long :grinning:

I think I’ll stick with what we know definitely works :+1:

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I like to avoid buying expensive thing there also, but for teensy 4.1 and bno, I take the risk as buying from other stores shipping is exprensive and often only dhl fedex or ups. That gets you additional 30$ fee that you dont have when ordering from aliexpress and normal mail. For now all arived and it was in good condition.

Do aliexpress do a antenna same spec as the Ardusimple ones?
I ordered bits from aliexpress for the pcb like the ampseal and connectors and a few different bits, was alot cheaper and delivery was quite quick

The specs on the Beitian BT-3G43AJL2 look right. GPS L1/L2, Glonass L1/L2, etc, voltage correct. Should work!