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I am using AOG 5.2.2 with hydraulic valve and I am very happy with it. There remains a problem, which is a real worry. It is if we use the “reverse detection” function, at the end of lines, during maneuvering, but quite frequently, the tractor is found in reverse, while in the reality he is advancing. I use a CMPS14 in IMU, changed start speed, and fix trigger and it’s the same … Is there only the solution of the dual antenna to fix this or a trick that I don’t know ?? ?
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I have the same problem! During power up ago direction forward is set with the first movement - OK.

During work,
if I go into the setting dialog, every time I leave it (cancle, or modifying) direction will be lost and it is wrong. Each time I had to restart ago.

Sometime it happens during work, without any reason. Same procedure, close ago and start it new, because there is no other way to correct it.

Tap the tractor on screen and drive forward to set direction to forward in AOG.
See Manual page 2.

Thx for the hint, I have never seen it before, I did a small test with the simulator - it works as decribed.

Should be modified with Select and OK-Dialog, because touch screens working not liable specially in such environments with dust / moisture. May be this explains the direction loose during work.

Or just leave reverse direction detection off once your tired of hitting the tractor to set direction, I gave up on this option will give it another go in V6.

As long as your always moving forward reverse detection works. 3pt turns confuse the hell out of it.

I get why they are trying to do it off GPS to reduce the number of switches. I have to shift into reverse to go in reverse, could bulletproof reverse detection just be a switch? Finally a use for the remote input.


Yes… but remote is already in use for turn sensor.

Thanks for the answers. I will try by changing the “reverse” settings. The phenomenon occurs only in the field and not on the simulator. The “reverse detection” function is very important and useful, but should it work well… Maybe with future versions …

Do you have trouble detecting direction or guiding in reverse?
Detecting direction seems to work fine. What are your settings in Singles Antenna Settings ?

It will detect the reverse perfectly, but then when you drive forward again it still thinks its reversed and does not detect the forward. So now you are moving forward, but its trying to steer like its reversed. So you have to keep hitting the tractor to reset forward direction, or just disable reverse detection.

So it may be a forward direction detection issue. I am happy with just disabling it until it works, not many uses for it yet.

But in theory if you park your air seeder on an AB line before you unhook, you should be able to back in within a centimetre the following year. Well now I have a use for it, a button could toggle it.

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While combining found that it only ever messed up direction detection during a turn if I rushed it. Just pausing for a moment with the hydro lever in neutral, rather than pushing it quickly straight from reverse back to forwards, seemed to eliminate the issue. It’s not so practical having to alter your driving style just to suit it.

I recall someone on here suggesting that just raising the minimum steer speed could improve.

I personally rather liked having reverse detection while harvesting. If there was any issue like a header blockage, I could pull it straight back into reverse and it would keep the combine on line while I focused on reversing the header. Before I would have to stop to avoid the combine wondering off line, but this could mean a mass of chopped straw building up in one place or reversing for a while before trying to reverse the header. It never missed a beat for me when changing direction without steering either. Only ever had issues during three point turns.


I think: the best is to detect the direction of the wheels and activate in AOG the variable forward or reverse, if it exists in the code. Could someone tell me where in the code is the variable “forward - reverse”? Thank you

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lines 273 to 512 in position.Designer.cs

isReverse is the variable.

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Hello Brian, I like this type of message in the forum, it motivates me to make a contribution that seems interesting to me. I plan to find a mechanical solution to detect the direction of travel and thus tell AOG that we are in reverse. And then, be proud to be able to share it with everyone! To be continued …

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I increased the fix to fix distance to 2 meter and then the reverse detection made a lot less errors.

Are you using a single antenna and imu?

Yes, single antenna, but at the moment no imu.
I am going to test it with CMPS14.

@BrianTee_Admin what is the purpose of fix to fix in this program?

Find if its just larger than the distance between NMEA messages at speed it drives the straightest. But unfortunately thats a small number.

Do you mean the fix trigger distance?

driving any sort of speed you really are using 1 fix anyway.

Fix to fix helps with calculating a heading that varies a lot less then if it was fix to fix as the fixes come in. Short lines make very wiggly headings.