Reverse mode with cmps14

Hello, I am using AOG 5.2.2: PERFECT! Except :
Often at the end of the field by turning the tractor on the screen stays in reverse. I have to click on it to put it back the right way. It’s a shame, it’s also annoying for the cutting of sections. I use cmps14, well positioned … I do not see the problem or the solution, because the “reverse” mode is great for guiding in reverse.
Thank you .

I had that happening some times during combining. I seemed to be caused by sudden changes in both direction and steering angle. Just pausing for a moment in neutral rather than pulling the hydro lever straight from reverse to forwards in one action seemed to completely prevent it happening. Remembering not to keep changing direction so quickly wasn’t so easy though.

Combining every other swath across the field and then back again was the best solution, but unfortunately that only worked well when harvesting in rather poor crops of linseed.

Increasing the Fix start speed Distance in the data sources settings should help. Say to 1.5k. I’ve found 5.2.2 massively better than the previous version for this issue. Previously I had the issue very regularly.

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Hi , Yes , first test today , change fix trigger : 2.0 and no other problems . confirmation in other day in the field , but , i think very good . :+1: :+1: :+1:

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