Revert back to Single GPS Timeframe?

If I lose RTK while underway how long does it take AOG to revert back to single gps mode? If you lose RTK while underway does the tractor lose its position totally or is the revert instant thank you !

It only looses the correction amount. Depending on atmosphere and other things, an inch to maybe 20 inches. There are all different answers on how many seconds you have from last correction until it shifts. I’ve heard 30 second to 3 or 4 minutes. Mine is less than a minute with my own base station.

What if it never gets another correction …say internet system goes down that I’m using. Will AOG revert back to single mode or do you have to manually turn RTK off.

It will go back to single by itself

Thank You !

The amount of time it will use an old correction packet is configurable in the receiver. I had thought that there should be no large jump when it loses RTK but it can make a large jump. I would think old correction data up to several minutes old would still be better then no correction so I set my F9P to a long time period.

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Where is that at ? I’d like to set mine longer

F9P? Off the top of my head, I don’t remember the parameter name.

NAV5 → DGNSS Timeout I believe. Maximum timeout is around the 254 mark.


Yup, just tried it today, it’s a byte (0-255).

Is there a way to make AOG shut off steering when RTK singal is lost rather than the tractor turning and trying to catch a line 50cm away? Id much rather have the steering kick out when I lose RTK vs having the line jump.

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Yes, an important option.

Sorry I’m confused are you saying its already available as an option or it would be a good option to add?

It needs adding

Great maybe ill suggest this on the new version 5