RGB faceplate LEDs color/blink ideas

What progression of color/blinks do you think represents 4 stages of readiness?
I see RED as “bad/worst” & GREEN as “good/best” so Solid Red being the “lowest” (more red is more bad) and Solid Green the “highest” with the two blinking red/green in the middle as seen in this video close to the beginning and right at the end. The LED (#2) that is changing color/blink modes starts with Solid Red → Blinking Red → Blinking Green → Solid Green. Is that an intuitive progression? These also have a blue element in each RGB but I’m aiming to use blue flashes for RTCM data on the GPS LED and maybe a blue flash on the Steer LED when Steer btn is pressed.

For example on the GPS LED:
solid red = no fix
blinking red = position but no RTK/FLOAT
blinking green = FLOAT
solid green = full RTK
blue flashes = RTCM data received

Steer LED:
solid red = WAS signal error (out of range or no input)
blinking red = WAS signal is good but no steer data from AoG
blinking green = ready to steer
solid green = steering active/engaged

These are the RGB LEDs on my new AiO Prototype.

I can also see where blinking red is the lowest level, as in an error/fault condition because blinking is more attention getting but if “red is bad” then solid red is “more bad” then blinking red.

  • I like your style
  • Blinking red should be the first stage
  • I think I have a better idea (please share)
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you could also play with red/green no?

are you using a multiplexer to drive these? Is there a WS2812 like solution? (i.e. 1 wire )

They are using a ws2812 driver so they can do PWM across each colour. They even do mixed colours very well but that is asking for confusion with users.

Well with the WS2812 we have fewer traces which is always good :slight_smile: I agree that sticking to pure colurs is good. Lots of possibilities

How about this?

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My 2 cents is that color changing LEDs are evil when you are colorblind

If they just had mutiple and lit up light signal strength indicators that would save me so much frustration!

I’m partially color blind too but find it easy to see these colors. There’s no plans to mix colors but just use one at a time.

In the automation world:

green - ok
green flashing - ready to activate / job in progress

yellow - warning state

red - faulty state

flashing (yellow/red) means, message is not acknowledged

It’s also possible to switch use different flashing rates (slow … waiting for action, fast … timeout …)

That sounds pretty similar, what would you change/suggest?