Rgb led help

Should any of these leds come on just with teensie plugged in ? Had 12v tried also and nothing .

They should be all red… if correct firmware was flashed, probably leds were soldered in reverse…

Yes they should all be red with Teensy powered by USB, accept v4.5 were iirc only one light red with Teensy, they all light up with 12v, obviously only after firmware is installed and correct config on F9P.

If they are backwards does it affect anything ?
Other than cosmetic ??

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No, it will just be red when it should be green… its all the same just remember red mean Ethernet ok, autosteer active and RTK connected

Can’t get the teensie to cooperate , Ethernet green is on but yellow light has no blinks … I must be doing something wrong … any help is appreciated

When uploading the code I do get a red “ can’t download packet “ error … might be a clue

Did you ue aogmatic flasher? If theres no files found localy it will try to download them, are you connected to the internet on your pc?

Using the arduino software , got it flashed no errors .

Fp9 gives a conflict error

Use aogconfigomatic instead.


You have firmware 1.32, roll back to 1.13

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