Roll back F9 firmware and config

I’m going to ask first so maybe I don’t make my F9 smoke!

I upgraded the firmware and config for the F9 to run the Panda version, which is fantastic!! I need to revert back to firmware and configs that were in use for Kentstuffs “Tree planning” AOG version. (v5.2)

I am unable to power the F9 with USB but I can power it from the PCB and access it thru the USB in Ucenter. I have the Firmware and config files that I originally used in 2020.

  1. If I “update” using these files I won’t smoke the F9 will I?
  2. Will it return the ability the power thru the USB?

I don’t mind blowing cheep sensors, but I would just as soon not blow the F9!

The F9P config/firmware won’t have any affect on the board’s ability to power from USB but you can misconfigure the USB port settings to lock out u-center. Downgrading firmware works.

i downgraded also , but you need to use option erase chip or somethng like that , only then you can downgrade, other way will fail

Are there different f9p configurations that match the different versions? if so is there a place with all the different configurations matched to the different versions? Or can the latest f9p config file be use on any verison? Also the latest f9p instructions shows to use a baud rate of 460,800, but there is not a matching choice in AOG to select that rate. Why are there different rates to choose from in AOG for USB connection but not 460,800, how do we determine which to select?

Instructions state "select correct baud rate, there are 6 choices how is it determined?

@OhioFarmer64 You will select the baud rate for the GPS and RTCM, if it’s different. I used 38400 before I changed to UDP. The selections by IMU - Steer - Machine are for the USB ports.

@m_elias @daner It appears I was successful rolling back the config and firmware. The only thing I would like to yet accomplish is to be able to Power it by USB. That setting didn’t revert.

Any Idea where to do that? If its to big a chore I’ll just run a temp 5V and GND.


In u-blox center>View>Message View>UBX>CFG>USB>
Under Power Mode:

  • Bus Powered [def. 100mA]
  • Self Powered


The max baud rate that windows can support is 115,200, that’s why the serial port menu in AgIO only goes that high.

A Teensy doesn’t have that limitation, and the faster the baud rate, the faster the message arrives and can be processed and used to steer. That’s why the published F9P the configs are so much higher at 460,800 bps.

The published F9P configs actually have USB configured for 9600 bps and UART1 configured for 460,800 bps. Super fast on the Teensy, but you can still plug it in via USB and use it that way as well.

The 1.32 config files can be used with 1.13 firmware. You’ll get a warning in ucenter that there’s a version mismatch, but if you ignore the warning it works.