Roll correction does not work properly.

Good morning. I have AOG installed on 5 tractors (all PCB 4.1). The issue I’m facing is that with the antenna mounted on the roof at approximately 290 cm above the ground and the gyroscope installed on the properly leveled and correctly set floor (minus and plus), 2 out of 5 tractors, while driving and swaying sideways, show an antenna shift of 10-15 cm. In the remaining 3 tractors, everything works well, with maximum deviations of 1-3 cm. The control settings are perfect, and the steering line accurately follows the set values. The problem clearly lies with the GPS correction. Has anyone experienced this issue and managed to resolve it?

I have such a problem too… but the strange thing is somtimes it works perfectly, the next moment I see the position jumps like 10cm to left or right in a split second. Most of the time when it occurs it doesnt go away anymore, but before it occurs it can be an hour working great… really annoying that i cant find out what it is

If the antenna’s position is changed to the hood, everything works fine, but sometimes it loses the fix. The antenna has a metal sheet underneath.

You can set which axis the imu uses (X or Y). If that is wrong, roll will never work. A place to start would be checking that it was set correctly

Each tractor utilizes the same box orientation along the X axis. I have verified this five times. Additionally, I exchanged boxes between the tractors, and each time these two exhibited peculiar behavior. I have thoroughly inspected all aspects, including F9P configurations, yet no results have been obtained.

What IMU (gyro) are you using? Can you swap just the IMU to the board on a tractor that is working to see if the problem follows the IMU?

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What happens when you set atenna height to 0.

For me it was the same. Set height to 0 and no more problems…

Antenna on the roof and 0 height? With Panda everything should work without the height set to 0

The BNO is functioning correctly and displaying the roll angle. Do you believe it might be malfunctioning?

Part of the problem description was “while driving and swaying sideways”. If the IMU reads that as roll it may affect the steering calculation.