Roll sensor not stable

I recently started with AgOpenGPS and i bought the set from Andreas Ortner. The only problem i have is with the compass/tilt sensor. Sometimes its going crazy and the tractor on the screen starts spinning and the steering motor also start turning like hell. If i disconnect the sensor i dont have any troubles. Is there a menu for changing the settings so that it works better? Or do you really need this sensor? Because it seems also working fine without.


Does your setup use the CMPS14? ( the compass / roll sensor)

…but, as mentioned below, I’d be asking the person who sold it to you.

Have you asked @Aortner?

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I had a CMPS14 on a PCB V2 that used to go crazy for a few seconds every five minutes or so.

Putting it in a Faraday cage, solved the problem.

Better still get a BNO085.

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The BNO085 was always a much better option, as many of us said from the start. Given the latest announcement, if that is what the OP has been sold I’d be wanting a refund.


To be fair, it’s only Panda which makes use of the faster speed the BNO085 provides.

The CMPS14 performed well for me and I understand was a step up from a BNO080.

But yes going forward, the news support for the CMPS14 will be dropped in future firmware updates then it makes sense to switch to the BNO085 now.

If it’s an IMU module the OP has then swapping then over isn’t difficult and will just need the Arduino flashing with new firmware.

A step up from the BNO055 maybe, definitely not from the BNO080 which was basically the same as the 085 but with a comms error that the 085 corrected .


It is the CMPS14 that’s inside the box. I searched the forum and indeed found that there could be troubles with this type. I think i’m gonna try to wrap some aluminum foil around it and see if this helps. I also tried some other spots in the tractor (floor, dashboard, next to the seat) to put the IMU but it didn’t work.

Thought it would be a CMPS14. Screening it might help. Try steel if the ally foil doesn’t work. Just to discount other issues.

Personally I don’t think you should have been sold a CMPS14 if you bought it very recently.

BNO08X is back in stock and normal price. CMPS14 is being discontinued so try to exchange for BNO if possible. Else you can order from aliexpress or other stores BNO08X.

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Ok, i will try it tomorrow. Otherwise i have to see for a replacement or contact @Aortner . But the CMPS14 is soldered on a pcb and go with an ethernet cable to the other pcb with the receiver and motor controller on it. So hopefully the foil works.

i purchased the CMPS14 in december 2022…