Just wondering if anyone is using this. It ticks all the boxes for me and seemed easy to set up but, despite having it running, I don’t think I’ve got it right. The translation is a little confusing at times I think.

…and my knowledge is very patchy. :grimacing:


Here for y base, I have :

  • NeoM8T
  • Rpi Zero W
    NeoM8T is connected via USB to Rpi, Rpi is powered by standard 5 V AC-DC
    Rpi runs strsvr and transmit to my box via wifi and then to rtk2go
    If this this could helps you …

Thanks. So many options for this sort of thing.

One reason for using RPINtripBase is that it produces the 1008 message required by some trimble receivers.

Output from /usr/bin/socat TCP:localhost:2102 - is very garbled, much like baud a rate issue. Not sure where I am wrong.

Is possible to us m8t as base? Where did you find the instructions? I have f9p which I use with public NTRIP caster, but when I started to build my setup I used m8t and rtklib. Could you share a guide to properly setup a base with m8t and a raspberry? Thank you

This is the software I am trying to use. I think it it working fine. Just not got my internet set up properly.


Here are for the big lines :
For the M8T

  • set RAWX and SFRBX on the USB (1Hz ?) speed 115200
    For the Rpi 0 W
  • download rapsbian
  • start in headless (I’ve no micro hdmi adapter)
  • add the 2 files with ssid and pwd for enable the rpi on your box via wifi
  • Download on Rpi (I use Win32DiskImager)
  • at this point, you can log on the rpi with ssh, (personaly, I use moba xterm)
  • set to fixed IP address on wlan0
  • download and put rtklib 2.4.3 on the rpi
  • compile str2str on the rpi (make in the directory there is makefile)
  • add the following command in the crontab (it’s better than to put it in /etc/rc.local, it restarts automatiquely)
    This is the best I’ve found (pwd and ip are the rtk2go login)
    ** * * * pidof str2str > /dev/null || /home/pi/RTKLIB-rtklib_2.4.3/app/str2str/gcc/str2str -in serial://ttyACM0:115200:8:n:1:off#ubx -out ntrips://:pwd@ip:2101/FRA_62160 > /$
    For me it works, you can test at FRA_62160 (in binary ubx format, but I think it could be configured as a RTCM output format with str2str, I’ll see that later …)
    Best regards