Rtk 1230

Just wondering if message 1230 GLONASS L1 and L2 Code-Phase Biases is really necessary for RTK.

If I take that off will it make any effect to accuracy or other?

According to Jos from back40precision.com, 1230 should not be required by any modern receiver. It’s certainly not required by the f9p. Apparently it used to be that differences in receivers had to be accounted for to resolve glonass rtk, but in recent years the issue was worked out somehow and most receivers would just treat the code biases as zero. I haven’t yet shut my 1230 off yet but I will eventually and see if my Trimble receiver still works with it. I think it will.

Just to add that RTCM 1230 is neither needed by old devices. Our Topcon AGI-4 receivers do not need it and our Novatel base does not even support it. All of these devices are only dual constellation dual frequency products.

Would be interesting to learn more about RTCM 1230, which devices make use of it and do they really need it or is it a performance enhancement.

i am just concerning about it. cause i believe setting so many messages makes file heavy for air link which may have loss of messages.