RTK, AutoSteer in Kubota M5091

I have been looking at the project for several months and decided to join you. A week ago I ordered jlcpcb boards, electronics from DigiKey, motor with planetary gearset and other necessary items. However, I have some beginner questions …

  1. Is the usual Ublox neo6m gps connected via a USB serial to your computer sufficient for the first tests? I would like to tune all components and then enter RTK.
  2. Everyone uses RTK sets with ardusimple. I do not know if I understood the ideas of this system correctly (https://www.ardusimple.com/product/simplertk2b-starter-kit-lr-ip65/). I have a base station which sets the exact position and receives GPS so it send a correction signal via XBEE. There is also such a station in the tractor only in the Rover configuration. Does it use GPS and RTK signal via XBEE from the base station? Do you need to connect the base station and tractor to the internet and RTK2GO then? What does such a connection give? What is the accuracy of such a set (ardusimple gives <3cm).
    (I am from Poland, so if anyone is from here, please contact me;))
    Thank you in advance for your answers - I know Arduino programming, electronics and mechanics so I will try to develop the project as much as possible;)

Cześć. Cieszę się nas z Polski jest tu co raz więcej.

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You’ll need two ardusinples one in the tractor and one in the base

Okey as i thought. So if i place one Ardusimple on the roof of the house and second in tractor it works with own rtk signal?

Yes! You can choose for a LoRa System or use ntrip thru rtk2go. With the latest you need a internet connection in the tractor. (And offcourse internet at home, duhh)

I plan to connect motor with planetary gearset via electroclutch (from printer) to the steering gear. Is it possible that when AutoSteer is turned on, the arduino nano activates the relay with a free pin to enable / disable the clutch? Is there an option in the software or do I have to look for something myself? (On PCB I see D2 and D5 free pin on right side of Arduino)

You could use the steering switch as a Signal for the relay board

Yeah i know it, but is it possible to Arduino board set relay on when Autosteer in AOG is turned on?

When you download 4.3 you also get support folder. In that folder look at the docs folder, and in there find steer.png. Now you can see the blue line it goes to AUX Hydraulic relay, use that one for your clutch (via an relay off course :slight_smile:
Works both for cytron and IBT_2

Thanks @Larsvest! I’ve seen before that file but I thought that only available with hydraulic valve steering not with dc motor :wink:. My PCB will come next week and then I will try this :blush:

Też jestem z Polski:-)

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@baraki @Karwi chyba pora utworzyć jakieś miejsce spotkań osób z Polski :smile:

Na fb utworzyłem grupę AgOpenGps Polaka. Wyszukajcie. Zakceptuje

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I just set up my autosteer. But steering motor is working in delays - about 0.5sec work, 0.5 sec delay. Why motor is not workings continuously? :thinking:

Pokaż steerchart i pokaż zakładki w autosteer. Silnik pracuje normalnie w trybie ręcznym ? Zmień sterowanie na Stanley. Może wtede ruszy.

Motor in manual mode is working properly. I use Stanley settings I cannot upload setting because limits is set up to 5 mb…

What setting can’t you load?
Can you explain more precisely what is going on?

Ah okey, I just want to upload photo of settings. I can describe this :wink:
PID: 151
But If I change this setting motor is still working in delays…

You have very low PWM set very low.
Turn on the graph and watch the red line follow the green one. By manually controlling at 1st level there should be a reaction and the red line should approach the green immediately.
Increase the minimum PWM until the red line responds without hesitation.