RTK Base station F9P + Ethernet module

Hi, a base station is being installed. I bought arduino f9p module https://www.ardusimple.com/product/simplertk2b/ and Pi pc.
Can’t this be solved without Pi?
It can not be like this? F9P module setting in U-center Ntrip server + Uart-UTP module?
So the Pi would be unnecessary…

Arduino also has a module, but it is much more expensive

U-center has support for NTRIP, not the GNSS board. You could use the wifi NTRIP master or the Ethernet NTRIP master to gain true NTRIP caster or server functionality (depending if you have a local caster or intend to use RTK2GO or something similar).

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You can use a Serial to Ethernet module to send the F9P data directly to an IP address. That way you don’t need a computer. There is some info here: F9P in ethernet mode - #28 by Albvig

If I may warn you: you will need to beat the firewall/router/module settings into submission by banging your head against them.

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