RTK base station-Sparkfun RTK Reference Station

Does have anyone have thoughts on Sparkfun’s new reference station? Was wondering if it would be worth the extra cost? Would it have a good reliability? I currently have a base station setup with a F9p and my laptop, but the SNIP program keeps randomly shutting down my stream out to my Emlid caster. I get a low memory error in SNIP, Then it shuts down my stream out. Not sure what the problem is there, I can reset it through remote desktop, more annoying than anything. Just looking for something more reliable or a fix to my memory problem.

Why not just get an Emlid for base? They work great and are designed to be easily setup for a base.

Never had such problems with my SNIP caster on an old laptop. But if you already have the F9P receiver for a base, why not try the Stefal RTK base, just need a Raspberry Pi.


And you have turned off Windows update? My base with snip on computer also stop randomly if Windows update is on.