RTK base station transfer is not successful

Can someone read from the log why the RTK is not working? Worked before this for 2 years. Internet router and operator changed, is that the reason?
RTK base station log.pdf (244,7 Kt)

If the router is already different, it must be registered. Otherwise the Internet will not work. https://github.com/lansalot/FreeRTK/blob/main/PiConfiguration.md

Do you mean the wifi SSID and password? They are the same as before and the router shows the connection basegnss.

Sorry. I understand that no changed the router. didn’t change it. translation is not correct

Sorry for my bad English, using google translate. The router is new, but the settings are the same as before (ssid, password).

Well, if it’s new, then as I said, you need to enter a new Wi-Fi password for this router. And his name. I gave a link on how to do this. You need to re-upload the program into the PI. Or do it through the Putti program on the command line.

If the SSID and password are the same as before, that should work without any changes on the Pi. And the fact that you have a log file shows that your Pi can access your network and you can log into it and retrieve the log file. So router connection is good.

You might want to post a screenshot of your settings page. (draw a mark over the passwords and sensitive information). Is your Main Service showing green at least?

Which part is failing? the NTRIP service?

Now it works, I did nothing but reboots and waited for many hours.

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