RTK Basestation with RPi + GPS Dongle?


As i understand it, the reason for a base station is that you have a data point that is under the same limitation than the gps dongle on the tractor, and by providing a data link between the two points and a exact manual position it takes out the inaccuracy of the atmospheric interference. Isn’t that achievable with generic off the shelve hardware that is cheaper? Like a regular GPS Dongle connected to a RPi?

Sorry if this is a obvious question to experienced users…


Cheaper than what? Are you referring to F9P or similar GNSS receivers? I’d say they are already cheap although not as cheap as very basic GPS dongles. Those very cheap receivers are not good for a base as they probably do not support all GNSS constellations, not all frequencies and most of all, they do not support carrier level measurements (only code level accuracy) which is the very basic thing for cm accurate positioning.

A base reference, make it possible to do RTK which take out the sattelites drift.

Read about the F9P receiver and L1 L2 frequencies reducing the atmospheric interference.

You should use a base close to you(25 to 50km max) using at least same receiver type and sattelite system (GPS glonas beidou or which ever your rover is setup at)