RTK Correction without internet


I am using AGO V5.6.2 with Ardusimple RTK2B. I have it working with autosteer with no issues. I am thinking about getting RTK correction. I am only using it to spray chemicals and fertilizer and to cut hay. Is it worth it to go through the hassle of setting up a base station as the nearest station is about 200 miles away? Also, I can not get internet service inside the tractor (no cell coverage) how can I set up the base station without NTRIP?

Thanks for the help!

RTK corrections can be passed over radio link. 900 mhz using xbee radios is common. The ardusimple F9P evaluation board that most people use has headers on it to drop an xbee module in.

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No more nudging, No more drifting. Repeatability forever, as long as base location and coordinates do not change. Ability for different machines to follow the same paths.

RTK is a $9500 unlock from Deere, and a $3500 unlock from Trimble in Canada. Because it is worth the money.


Thanks to @PotatoFarmer and @EngFarm for replying. Just to make sure I get it right, I will need another SimpleRTK2B board (to use as the base station), 1 GNSS antenna (for the base station), 2 Xbee modules ( one for the rover and one for the base station) and 2 Xbee antennas, is that correct? Any recommendations for the Xbee radios? The XLR modules from Ardusimple are $170 each.

Thanks for the help!

If you use an xbee on the tractor, most will agree to use a digi 1 watt radio modem on the base. You get a lot of range from 1 watt vs. 1/2 watt.
There are several who can help with setup of the radio. @CommonRail is very knowledgable.
I am using the rfd900 radio for mine, but have thought about switching to the digi xbee because you can use a seperate baud rate for input to output. The lower your baud rate is the farther the signal will carry. So you can input at 115k baud from the base f9p, and output at 9600 baud to the reciever radio, and it switches back to 115k to the rover f9p.
Just little things like that make the system run better