RTK Corrections using Stefal/RTKBase

The situation here is a bit unique but I’m in it so here goes.

In building 1 we have the gps and Pi running Stefal RTKBase. We expect to broadcast messages onto the LAN with his RTKBase Service

Building 1 is connected to Building 2 via cat 6 so both buildings are on the same LAN

I want to install a simple Arduino or PI in buidling 2 that captures the TCP or RTCM messages that are being broadcast on the LAN and send them out over serial (LORA).

Does anyone know the message format of these messages so we could create a little listener app and then broadcast them? I want to research of STRSRV can capture messages from the LAN and translate them and broadcast them on Serial. Ideas?

str2str (as used by rtkbase) can probably do that already - check out the documentation for that app