RTK drift

I helped a friend with a base station install. He is experiencing drift but still showing RTK. Is it possible that some areas GPS will never be accurate because of solar activity or something?

I have the base station set to survey in to 1.5 meter accuracy.

My impression that this only affects the accuracy of your actual location on the earth not that your RTK will drift 1.5 meters is this correct?

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What is his basis for measuring or experiencing drift?

Does he turn his base on/off, are his coordinates locked in or does it resurvey each time on power up?

Thanks for asking about the right questions.

-when he goes to the ab line (exact tire tracks from the day before) it shows some random amount off line. 15” sometimes next time 60”

I asked him to reboot the base station and it has drifted again.

It is set to survey in every time.

Should copy the coordinates after a survey-in, and then use those permanently after that without more surveys.

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:point_up_2:the right answer.

Correct during the time the base station is running, but if you are rebooting and doing a new survey, the base station location will move around within that 1.5 meter circle, affecting your existing lines made when the base station was in a slightly different location. As @m_elias and @PotatoFarmer say, set your base station to static coordinates that never change on a reboot.

I have tried that but it doesn’t seem to send the 1005 msg and it “seems” that AOG needs the 1005.

Here are some pics I will separate the posts

These are from the base.
Fixed mode on. See below.

1005 enabled.

1005 not sending

Below is rover receiving all messages but the 1005

Why does it say 3D?

AGO just says single GPS if I enable the receiver COM

So does AGO require 1005? To my knowledge that is the only difference from the working survey in station vs the fixed station.

You have entered base coordinates in an incorrect format, not x,y.z but rather latitude/longitude figures.

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What is the distace between the rover and the base station?

Yeah to use normal latitude, longitude, and msl altitude just check that little box that says "use lat/lon/alt.

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Is 1005 a msm7 message?

@NorthernFarmer and @torriem Not sure how to mark this as the solution but this seemed to fix my problem! Thanks

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No, it’s not part of MSM7, but it is required by all rovers, including the F9P. Can be every 10 seconds or more.

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