RTK fix not stable

My AgopenGps has been working flawlessly all spring until today. I just sprayed a field and I cannot keep RTK fix. It occasionally fixes for a minute, then back to float. I logged into the Michigan CORS network site. It is correctly showing the location of the rover on their map. It keeps counting kb of data as it receives corrections via NTRIP. Any ideas as to what to look for?

You’re not the only one to talk of issues on -what a coincidence- the day the US government is warning about a major solar storm reaching earth.

Solar flares heading our way. GPS will be sketchy all weekend.

Put the markers down and turn the foam markers on for the sprayer.


Thanks everyone, here it was really bad for an hour, now I have been able to hold a fix for the past hour.

The markers are in the bush :joy:

Thanks for this post, I can stop looking for something I did wrong.

Same here in uk last night
Rtk float then the mrs sent me some aurora pics so solar storm makes sence👍

No Russian spoofing…

Aurora Borealis


Since you are using the Michigan CORS system have you tried using the “NS-IMAX-MSM5” mountpoint on port “10012”?

I’m about 10 miles southeast of you and find the Network Solution mountpoint works best for me.
It automatically chooses the best master reference station and also send some auxiliary station info to help in the RTK calculations.

Thanks for the tip. I was running that mount. When I had issues I was trying other near by mounts to see if I could get things working.

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