RTK serial out to another device

Is there a post that talks about using ntrip corrections to send out rtk nmea over serial to another device? I thought u center would do it. It doesn’t seem that it will. I would appreciate some help or direction to find answer. We use an old intellislope system to tile with. Have another I would like to survey next job with. Need rtk output over serial to do this. I have the ardusimple ublox f9p and antenna. Hope this makes sense. I might misuse some terms.


Not sure if I understood correct, but if you need nmea output through rs232, it’s easily done with ttl to rs232 converter. Connect converter to tx1, rx1, gnd and Vout(5v or 3,3v, see converter datasheet) at f9p and in ucenter set it to output nmea sentences needed to uart1. Also connect f9p ioref to 5v or 3,3v to set uart1 output level.20201125_172445

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Ardusimple has one to clip right onto the rtk2B boards now where the xbee goes, can even run the rs232 and xbee stacked

Screenshot_20210101-002633 Screenshot_20210101-002604

I am using a converter like this and I have a problem with F9p. After connecting the amatron, everything works, but after disconnecting the power supply, F9P loses its settings, you need to load the firmware and configuration. I don’t know what it’s caused by.

Have you saved the settings at UBX-CFG-CFG before disconnecting power supply?
Does it lose the settings if TTL to rs232 converter is disconnected?
Ardusimple has been very helpful regarding issues with their products. Maybe you should ask them?

Of course it writes cfg. If the TTL / RS232 converter is not connected, the settings will not be reset. The problem occurs after connecting the converter and amatron. This is not every time you disconnect the power, you can disconnect a few times and it’s ok. And then buum and everything is deleted. I have it both with the converter connected with cables and with the converter bought in ardusimple for Xbee / rs232 as in the link above.

Thank you. I haven’t been on in a few days. I understand I could buy more equipment. Good to know about the tx and rx on board. I don’t think I could use an ntrip caster for rtk out. Looking for a tablet software to give me that supporting ntrip.