RTK to Ag Leader Integra

Hello all,

First off sorry but I am brand new to AgOpenGPS so bear with me as I am just trying to get a little guidance on where to go. I came across AOG while looking at options on adding RTK accuracy to my ag leader guidance set up mainly for strip tilling and corn planting. Our current accuracy falls short. After getting very expensive quotes from the guys at the local implement dealer through ag leader I wanted to explore other options. With looking at the other forums things are still a bit cloudy on the direction I should go to keep costs low and maintain simplicity.

Right now I have the Ag Leader Integra with Ontrac 3 steering. I want to send RTK corrections to the Ag leader, and add my own base station.

If I could get some guidance in the right direction if this is possible or not and how to integrate the two that would be great.

Later I would want to look into using AOG software in the other tractors that aren’t planting corn.

Thanks for the help.

We are a Ag Leader dealer located in WI.

We have a RTK GPS reciever that has an internal Ntrip client that you configure via a web ui. For ntrip we usually use the CORS network and the receiver has an external 4g antenna/ internal sim slot. The reciever also has a 2 watt 450 MHz radio built into it.

The receiver is powered through the gps port on your display cable and sends RTK nema signals through it as well.

We also offer a base station for tiling(soilmax tile plow)or rtk steering correction. The base station has an internal battery.

Basestation is $3600 and the RTK receiver is $3500. Both kits come with harnesses and mounts. Basestation includes a tripod as well. The prices on these kits are subject to change at our discretion.

If you want more info or are interested you can find us at www.andrewsagsupply.com. If you call ask for Adam as I am the one working on this project.


I should have also said we are working on receivers with Trimble and Novatel boards. This would allow users to have rangepoint or terrastar corrections if they wanted.


Does your base support all 4 constellations? You web site had limited info and the product there was much more expensive.

For the price of ~6000$ have i buildt autosteer on 2 tractors (one with steering wheel motor and one with hydraulic steering) and my own RTK basestation with AgOpenGPS :yum:

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The products on our website are Ag Leader receivers and will be priced higher. The system stated here isn’t Ag Leader branded and we don’t have this on on there yet. Yes the reciever and base are both mulit-constellation or support all 4 constellations.

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Thank you for the reply. I’m glad that your system has worked good for you. I’m sure you had quite a few hours figuring it out and getting it to work.

We are just offering a competitively priced system for someone who wants a plug and play system.