Has anyone. Has received an emay from rtk2go this morning saying this?

At this moment your GNSS Base Station ________ is having problems as it tries to connect
to the SNIP NTRIP Caster located at rtk2go.com:2101 (RTK2go).

You have been sent this automated email in the hope that the below details will allow you
to correct the problem. Below is the log entry from the last connection.
This has now occurred 100 times in the recent past, which triggered this email to you.
The IP address from which this connection came was: _____________
You may need to consult your last reservation eMail to confirm that the credentials are correct.

Connection Transcript Log:

Client [#C338584] appears to a Rev1 NTRIP Server connecting, Tue 07:24:41.699 AM (local), from___________
A remote NTRIP Server (was a Client) sent us: ====================== (74 chars)
Source-Agent: NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.3

=END= (an inbound PUSH-In data connection attempt using the Rev1 form)
NOTE: NTRIP Server #C338584 from IP:_____.034 Port:54100, mountPt [] rejected,
PUSH-In Connections are not being accepted at this time, at: 2023/08/22 07:24:41 AM

Please correct this as soon as possible to avoid having your IP address blocked by the Caster.
Regards, The Support team RTK2go

I have been using my base since January. Now it says mountp rejected ??

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I had some email from rtk2go this morning too and two more in last hour. I dont see my caster in rtk2go map. Ip had changed but I can connect my base and it is on.

Have gotten the same email here, no problems before

Yeah I think it must be the rtk2go because I could use under bases now I can’t and only show 5 bases and before there was a bunch of them

I received the same email. Must be a general issue.

My base station is working again :tada:

Same mine is back too

Yep, everyone had that - I received an email later fessing to their issues, and saying it would be back online soon. It was OK last night.

The problem is back again

Does anyone have a contact for rtk2go as my base station is not showing on there website
Only show as former station don’t know why

is your base actually outputting info?