RTKBase issues: Ntrip service will not turn on

New user of RTKBase. I have everything setup and ready to go. However, I turn on my “Ntrip A Service” and it toggles on but it never actually runs the service. If i go to the status page and back to settings the Main service will stay on and the file service will stay on but the Ntrip service will now be off. Any Ideas? I am using the same rtk2go ntrip that i used to use on my emlid but have since stopped using. I also tried another ntrip that I have with no luck.

Pic attached with the version and the build info

I set up my base last week. Struggled with loading software into raspberry pi, but at the end it works. Show a picture of your options then we can see more.

Did you run the top command to confirm that a process relater to RTK is running.
here is a screen shut of my raspberry, look for USER & COMMAND:

I hope this helps.
Regards Kim

Sorry I am new to all of this… I have never seen this . Do I access it with putty?

Sometimes on/off settings do change random it seems to me. Put the Ntrip on and look on your rover or rtk2go if it is up. If so I gues it is all right.

I figured it out! Turns out you need an elevation entered. Now, what unit is the elevation supposed to be entered in as? Feet, meters?

Meters. You can use the height value from your Status page.