Rtkbase with raspberry pi B+

Hello, I have a raspberry pi B+ board and I was thinking of using it with RTKBASE, it is compatible with that system? my receiver is in c099 f9p from ublox, thank you very much

The c099 F9P from Ublox will work.

The Pi B+ I’m not sure if it will work. The Pi B+ is pretty old and underpowered compared to all the Pi models since. It only has half a gigabyte of RAM. RTKBase doesn’t require much processing power. I’d definitely try it, use a headless operating system to reduce demands as much as possible.

If its a 2B+ or 3B+ then it will definitely work.

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I also use the C099 incidentally, works fine. You can use the pi image linked to on the rtkbase page.

ok, I’m going to try if I can install rtkbase, I already have the board

I’ve got it sat running on a B+ Pi


what good news, I’m going to build my base with this plate, thank you very much