Rtklib gui

Just got a base station working with a simpleRTK2b board and an RPI running RTKLIB. The server side seems to run fine, but I would like to see the data locally in real time.

Does anyone know how to add a GUI / web front end to this, or do I need a later version of RTKLIB?

Use rtkbase.

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I keep hitting the same issue here

sudo ./install.sh —all

Results in

logname: no login name

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? What is it requesting here?

Try to reboot

Got it.

It didn’t like being run from RDC, ran fine from an SSH session.

Thanks, but I think it just didn’t like the credentials being passed from RDC.

What is RDC ? VNC Server/Viewer ?

Remote Desktop.

I’m using Remote Desktop on a Windows machine to connect to the pi on port 3398. I think it is losing the logon credentials somewhere and could not identify which user is authenticated.

This problem would not occur if I was logged on locally (physically) and it just worked fine when I used SSH instead of RDC.

Oh and thanks for your work on this Stefal, I’m half way through your guide. :slight_smile:

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Works great, love it!!

Saying that, it’s fairly convinced that I am in France. Not sure why it’s not taking its coordinates from the RTK2b, but I will try to work this out.

Had to change config value from ubx to RTCM3 and it all came alive. Updated from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 successfully.

All working, looks sweet.

Strange, during the installation, if your F9P is connected via USB, it should configure it to output ubx, not rtcm.