RTKlib to Agopengps communication?

Hi, looking for options for getting gga from rtklib into Agopen, running both on same computer.
Option 1: Run a serial/usb patch/split program to split usb internally … this would be ideal if could also send out on Bluetooth for soil sampling using phone. Anyone know of such a program (preferably on GitHub)?

Option 2: Over network?..have just installed 4g router and a switch into tractor for rtk correction and steering communication.

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Would Ntrip pass TCP from Rtklib and convert to UDP for AGopen?

Why would you need rtklib? The ntrip client is already in AgOpenGps

Rtklib totally different function to Ntrip!
Rtklib calculator’s rtk correction, same as a F9p calc internally.
Ntrip just passes on a message ‘caster’.

€210 for F9p ….€70 for m8t and I already have 2, 1 has worked as standard gga receiver for last 2 years!
I’m now ready to implement rtk with my own base via rtk2go, having just installed a 4g router in tractor.

How about using Null-modem emulator “com0com”.

That exactly what I was looking for and ‘hub4com’ part of the same project sounds even more useful.

Now I understand your problem… :zipper_mouth_face:

I use raspberry Pi Zero W (on top of the cab of the tractor) 10 € + DC DC supply 0.5 €

  • Configures as wifi access point
  • Receive bluetooth signal from mobile phone (for NTRIP rtk2go access over 4G)
  • local M8T connected on the Raspberry local port
  • RTKrcv running on Raspberry and generates TCP NMEA frame
  • TCP NMEA frame converted locally to UDP all IP port 9999 with socat

PC (tablet) configured as wifi client

  • running AOG
  • receiving UDP NMEA frame from Raspberry

Otherways on windows you can use VSPE which is free


Je suis nouveau mais pas completement nul !
J’ai choisi l’option simple rtk2b avec base et rover pour une correction à 2 cm
J’utilise arduino nano pour des raisons de commodité: j’avais commencé à bidouiller avec et souhaite continuer .
Le server de correction rtk2go:pas de correction chez moi( bassin parisien )
Raison de plus pour choisir un reseau local avec deux ardusimple .
Peu cher et plug and play -jusqu’à preuve du contraire .
J’aimerais bien echanger
je suis plutot specialise GIS et teledetection

Bienvenue my friend …
For me, I’ve created my own base on RTK to go with a Rpi and it seems to work.
C’est quoi GIS au fait ? (moi je suis complètement nul …)

Gis pour system information geographique
Par contre je suis completement nul pour ce qui concerne l’assemblage
How to create a base on rtk2go?
How to receive it on a phone ? :carteSim Data ?
Have you a scheme?