SASA IID Sensor not working


i’m on the final steps to finish my setup on the T7. with PVG16 valve. This week I got the SASA sensor delivered and today I installed it, but it doesn’t disengage autoguidance when rotating the steering wheel.
I edited the “AOG_CAN_valve-main” sketch with parts of “AOG_full_CAN_Teensy_40-main” to work with the sensor on the Nano but it doesn’t do anything in AOG wheen I rotate the steering wheel.
If I comment out “previous = 0;” guidance will be disabled, but I can’t reactivate it on the screen.
If I add “guidanceStatus = 0;” to the code, guidance will be disabled but will be turned on right after I stop spinning the steering wheel.
Has anyone a suggestion what’s wrong in the code?

The sketch is on my google drive:

I also added a few lines to activate my 6/2 valve on Digital Pin 4 when steerSwitch = 0.