Satelline-3ASD vhf modem+novatel smart 6l base

Hi all;
-I have 5 w output base station which works via radio frequency. I decided to making a setup for agopengps with autosteer.I’m curious about Can I use agopengps through this base station. (satelline 3ASD+novatel smart6l) could you inform me, how is it be possible?(what kind of parts i need to buy)

-By the way I have two trimble system (gfx750 and tmx2050) works via vrs but it connected goverment’s base station so as you know ı have to pay subscription fee. however ı want to connect these to my own rtk radio base. I couldn’t succeeded it yet. thank you in advance.

I am not sure if your hardware with novatel works with Trimble. For Trimble you have to add the rtcm message 1008.
Therefore we usually use a F9p (eg I think the easiest way to transfer it the internet is using a raspberry pi running a free software available on github.
All hardware will cost at about $300-400 and works with Agopengps and Trimble.

Some links:


The simplest way probably would be to purchase another Satelline radio and feed the output of that to your AGO laptop (likely using a USB to serial converter and some SW to make it visible for the AOG NTRIP client).

You don’t mention the GNSS receiver that you are planning to use with AOG but if it is the F9P, you can certainly make it work. I run a Novatel base and use it with the F9P as well as Topcon AGI-4 receivers. I assume Smart6l can provide RTCM1008 as well as my Novatel, did not check but F9P would not need it. If it doesn’t, you can always use RTKLIB to add it on the Novatel RTK correction stream equally as you would for an F9P base.

The Satel modem is a bit expensive. You might consider NTRIP for your AOG project. Just take your Novatel correction data (going to your base modem) to an NTRIP caster. Several options to build that caster. Your AOG laptop can receive the correction data for your rover via internet.

I’m not familiar with Trimble hardware but I’ve understood that their radios are not really open. You should be able to use Trimble receivers from your base with NTRIP. Experts familiar with Trimble devices have posted success stories here.

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