Satellite info disappears after a short time, has been running all day, but started tonight


What receiver you have?
It looks like it has been reset to 1hz without RTK or DGPS corrections

I use ardusimpel f9p as both base and rover, rtcm from rtk2go, i found an old agopen 3.0 it works find, however i did not make ino back.

2020-04-05 (2)

a few seconds after starting

2020-04-05 (3)

A little longer after start-up, and then all the info about satellite starts to disappear.

2020-04-05 (4)

Which baudrate?
It’s a strange problem…

usb connect 115200, Since the last I wrote it has become normal, otherwise been running the whole night, I do not understand.

got weird this evening again, think it has something to do with if it loses RTK signal something goes wrong, it can’t get over, if i start the old verse 3.0 up, i have very fast RTK fix, that program has always been faster to get RTK fixed

2020-04-05 (6)

the problem is that it writes with white letters on a white background