Save As and Drive In

This topic has been talked about a LOT! There was the concept of multi field and it just wasn’t practical. This however is a good way, I think, to do this.

Drive In: Drive into a field and if a field exists, it will open it. If more then one, a pick list for you to choose which one you want to open.

Save As: Just like every other Save As on any program. Save it as a new name and you have a copy. So simple - no more clone. Save as and go.


Drive in looks like a great feature to speed up paddock selection.
Does the save as feature clear the previous coverage data? A bit like starting a new job or task on other systems?

Yes it deletes the contour, mapping, acres applied - all the “Worked” things. It does keep the headland, boundary, AB Lines, curve lines etc. It doesn’t work like Word or Excel Save As, I figured it would most often be used when you have an existing field you did spraying and you want to seed it, so without all the old applied stuff, its just ready to start new with the new operation - yet keeping all the important stuff


So we can instead of the name of the field record what we have done in this field and when we return to this field we will have the list with the date of the different works!

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Exactly. You can initially create the field as a template and name it that way, then when you get the list, always choose the template and you know you will have the original.


Should “Save As” save the whole field with all the applied areas - basically a copy of the original ? Or should it save it ready to start to work on a new field without having to go in a delete all the old information?

Personally I like the idea “ready to start working on a new field”.


Short question, i have Problems with Drive in. When i click drive in, all Fields Show up or at least many. What does Drive in when you are Not in a specific field.
What i also have See is that the Boubdary is always in one corner open. I can See it when i press in AB Curve drawing Mode “make Boundary” to drive around the field. The Ab Circle is open? Is thta the reason why the drive in function always find to much Fields because the Boundary is Not closed?

can you post a picture or a video to help explain?

Hello Brian!

Yes So the first strange Thing is the following. When i make in “draw an Ab Curve” the Boundary Curve it seems that the kml outer is Not closed! But an area is shown in AOG in ha.

The other Thing about Drive in i Show in a Video.
I Was directly in a field (Simulator) closed the field, and click “drive in” and than the strange Thing a lot of field pops up. And they are located somewhere else. I try upload it here

I can’t get the file, can you just zip the fields and kml and post here, change the extension to .txt if zip doesn’t post.