Saving a changed/ shifted AB line

If I shift an ab line across, for instance to move tramlines in the tramline view. Is there anyway to save this new shifted position?
I’m going to try and keep tramlines in the same place now that I have rtk to manage compaction better… A trial on the way to controlled traffic.
I think though when I have reloaded the field the ab line reverts to its original position, shifting the tramline view.
Any ideas on solving this? Should I just make another ab line untill it looks right on the tramline view, or am I missing how to save this?

Open up the AB Edit screen, it’s the button below the tramlines screen. Shift the line from there… once it’s done, hit enter… now the line is saved

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I have done as you said, but it won’t save the moved tramlines. To get round this I have put a flag where the tramlines are, then shift the tramlines each time I open the field.


Thanks @Richardklasens_admin, for going above and beyond to create a great video! Clears up what was a frustrating problem. Have got tramlines fixed for all my fields so far!
Many thanks again!

The video isn’t disponible
I have the same problem to save offset ab line