Saving field coverage files

Have saved some fields from AOG with coverage maps that I want to try use in other programs. I just saved them in AOG but don’t know what to do with them or how to work with then now. Do I go through Google maps to look at them, save as a pdf? Not my area of expertise so thought I might ask for some guidance.

Go to where your field data is, open the field folder and find the kml file. With Google Earth installed it should open in GE just by double clicking the kml file.

“my documents\agopengps”

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Thanks, I have never really used file data etc with Google earth so will have to do some playing around with it. I assume I can save files in GE and then do stuff with the files.

To keep the data, you will need to copy it out of that field or rename it. Once you delete the coverage or start fresh, it will overwrite the field.kml file. You can save as or export files to other formats in GE. Or save images.

Ok, thanks for info. Found my fields, renamed and saved in Google earth pro. Have my little list of fields, did a little cleanup of fields where I had left section on etc.
So now do I use GE pro or Google earth for future saving and adjustments? Also I was thinking I should save these files to Google drive or something. In GE it shows a projects folder setup and I tried to link GE pro to this but didn’t figure that out.

If I want to draw boundaries etc should I use pro or GE? Not really sure what the difference is

Thanks again

I also noticed that when I was cleaning up areas that the coverage was listed as different sections like sections numbers up to 30 or so, I was only using 1 section in RC hooked to AOG so not sure where the section number was coming from. Not an issue just something i noticed

Aog breaks the sections into groups. It used to be 36. I don’t know what it is currently.

If more than one tool section, the full tool is drawn differently than if one section is turned off. Then it no longer draws them in order.

Anything that will save a kml file will draw boundaries. In GE pro. Draw new polygon. Click the points and then save it. Right click on it on the left side of the screen and do a save as. Set the file type to kml not kmz. Then when in AOG build boundary from kml.

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You also can import kml files in QGis, it’s a open source GIS program.

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