Saving fields in agopen?

Im a contractor so work on different farms.
Is it possible to save the worked fields into farms then into fields?
At the moment my list is getting long and its hard to differentiate as they are all mixed in 1 list.
Many thanks

If its sorted alphabetical, you could rename all fields like FARMNAME_FIELDNAME and than it would be nicer for eyes :wink:

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Thats what i do now

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Have you gone to the fields file and put sub folders in there? I’m not sure weather it would work

Just tried it and it doesn’t work

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Not ideal, but you could move the fields into subfolders for Farms, and only drag in and out the ones for the job you’re working on?

The fields today shoud be splitted in to 3.
Farms, fields and task.

Farm: Just to group fields
Field: Hold geometrys, including A-B lines (Maybe points?)
Task: Hold working area / section data.

Before you start farming you can make a plan with tasks you want to do.

But this needs some development


Ive gone latley to putting farm name in then creating new boundary and working field then writing down size then deleting boundary and apllied area and starting next field🤷‍♂️