Second touch monitor

Hi all,
I have a second screen that is touch so at the moment I duplicate my sceen where I can see and use AOG(version 4). My main screen I use for arduino code changes and so on. I noticed when using AOG and opening some settings like the tram lines or the flagmarker it opens in my main screen not my second monitor. thats annoying because my main screen is not touch so I have to drag the msgbox with a mouse to the second screen :frowning:
others msgboxes, like uturn open just fine on the second screen. I guess because it opens it in the center of the screen. Is it possible to change that?

Looking through the source code, some of the Forms are using CenterScreen, some are using CenterParent, and some are using manual. I would think if you changed them all to CenterParent you’d probably get the behavior you’re looking for.

The StartPosition can be changed in the code, or in the designer in Visual Studio.

There may be reasons why Brian picked manual for the tramline dialog. Perhaps to keep them from covering the main AOG window too much when running on a tablet? I’m not sure.

i can make them like uturn. they are never in the right spot anyway

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